Transport claims
 Inspection of goods
 Stowage and packing
 Special freight
 Marine vessels
 Risk assessment
 Machinery inspections
 ADR cargos


 Environmental claims



 Staff training

 Warehouse inventories




       Transport claims

Vehicle overturning

Wetting goods during transit.

Damages to refrigerated goods.

Salvage operations surveillance.
General damages during transport.

Robbery in transit.

Missing goods in transit.

Missing contends upon arrival.



   Inspection of goods


Goods condition.

Quantity survey.

Packing survey.

Quality survey (analysis).

Wight survey.

Supervision of contractual terms.


      Perishable goods condition upon loading.



15.  Final packaging of the unit.

Stowage and packing

Stowage control in marine vessels

Stowage control in containers

Stowage control in vehicles.

General Stowage control
Packing control

Packing supervision.

Control and supervision of labels.

Lashing control.


Special transports


Temperature control
Admission of refrigerated goods.
Condition and damages to perishable goods.
Machinery condition, stowage and lashing.
Control of liquids in tanks.
Bulk goods control
Heavy goods shipments.

Control of ADR goods.                

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     Marine ships & boats


Vessel repair control

Boat repair control

Repair controls in general

Inspections for purchase and sale

Ship breakdowns

Hatches opening

Controls and stowage planning

Load by draught

Cleaning conditions of holds

Liquid loading/unloading controls

Bulk loading/unloading controls




Stowage and lashing.


Special transports.

Perishable goods

Temperature-controlled transports

Study of policy conditions

Study of rejected claims

Study of complaints received

carrega container




Evaluation of machinery condition

Machinery adjustment

Machinery damages

Stowage conditions.

Repair control.

Packaging conditions

Lashing conditions




Risk assessment and inspection

Good condition previous to insurance


Condition and counting of goods previous to transport


Risk Inspection of industrial premises and buildings



Packing Inspections before to transport.



Stowage and lashing Inspection before to transport






Transport claims in general

ADR claims

Liability claims

Flooding claims

Robbery claims

Claims in dwellings and industrial premises

Fire claims
Machinery claims

Damages in stored condition

Damages due to overo r lack of refrigeration

Damages during loading / unloading operation

Damages in vessels and boats




Container conditions

Damage checking

Repair control

Controls over loading / unloading goods

Seal controls

Controls over container stowage

Container sealing

Water-tightness control

Temperature control in refrigerated containers




2-La Canonga 1





Decennials construction.

All risk construction


Reconstruction of accidents.




Liability of conttruction companies:

                   Operating liability
                   Employer liability
                   Product liability


6-Sant Esteve-árboles caídos

State Inspection of facilities

Risk assessment / evaluation


Claims investigation