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Who is Peritia


PERITIA is a Surveyors Consultancy based in Barcelona. We have correspondents with coverage over all Spanish territories. Our representatives abroad are based in the main cities of Europe, America, Northern Africa as well as other parts of the world.

We are ready to offer you our services as Average Surveyors, Average Adjusters, Inspection and Control Actions over General Goods including Sampling Processes, Quality and Quantity Inspections, Packing, Container Loading, Container Sealing, Marine Vessel Inspections, Stowage Inspections, Machinery Surveys, Repair Inspections, Boarding Inspections, Loading Inspections by Volumetry, Assessments, Fish Farms, Liability for construction companies, All Risk construction, Decennials construction etc.

Our largely experienced team is at your full disposal. This started its training in 1975 and keeps constantly enlarging and updating its skills.

PERITIA is headquartered in Barcelona and led by Mr. David Morell Blanco and Pepita Morell Blanco, a largely experienced and renown professionals.

Assignments are received in and distributed from this office to both national and international destinations while keeping on-line contact with our correspondents and representatives through close co-operation right from the start of the service and up to its final conclusion. All Survey Reports are prepared in our headquarters in Barcelona.

As Average Surveyors, Peritia's human team aims at carefully following up the claim right from our very initial involvement by furnishing all means necessary to minimise it as much as possible; looking into the liabilities of the parties involved by equally inviting them formally to a counter survey; opening doors to our Principals to possible debt recoveries; and compiling all receipts and certificates necessary to provide the largest possible evidence for our Survey Reports.


Administrative address: C/ Sant Hermenegild 12, 21 - 08006 Barcelona

Work center: C/ Caballero 76, 23 - 08029 Barcelona

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